Please order your Flaps Card Game using one of the PayPal buttons below.

All cards and rules booklet contain both Czech and English instructions.


Customers in the Czech Republic can also order using the pay on delivery system. Please send your name and address by emailing us at sales@flapscard.com if you would like to order using this method. The cost is CZK 210.00 plus 100 postage and post office fees.

CZK 210.00 plus 70 postage within the Czech Republic
GBP 6.89 plus 4.70 postage within the United Kingdom
EUR 8.25 plus 5.50 postage within the European Union
USD 9.20 plus 9.00 postage within the continental United States

If you live outside the areas listed above, please email us at sales@flapscard.com for a delivery quote.

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